A Thanksgiving Memory

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A number of Thanksgivings ago my family had all gathered at my house for that special dinner. My children had small children at that time, so, although they tried to help, most of the preparation fell to me. We over-ate, rested awhile, and then we all went for a walk. When we got back it seemed to be time for the little ones to eat again so, while the mothers got to work on that, I decided that I would take some time to rest.

Off to my room I went with the morning newspaper, knowing I would probably doze after a few lines of news. Well, it seemed like only minutes when I heard the door to my room open and there was Nina, around two years old, and the sweetest little girl. She so happily said, “Oh, I found you”. For just an instant my heart sank, but how could a Gia (my grandmother name) not say, “Climb up here with me.”

Well Nina is now 20 and still the sweetest loving girl she was then. I will always treasure that memory. (Note to other grandchildren: I love all of you too). 

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