Do You Have a Suffield Story To Tell?

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One of the projects for Suffield’s 350th anniversary celebration will include a compilation of stories of our town. Suffield native Robert Alcorn wrote The Biography of a Town – Suffield, Connecticut 1670-1970, published in 1970. According to Alcorn, “The volume is an attempt to bring the three hundred years of Suffield into focus if not to life.”

Our plan for the 350th is to republish Alcorn’s book along with a Volume 2, which would be a compilation of Suffield stories from the last 50 years that brings us from the late 1960s, when Alcorn’s book left off, through the past 50 years to 2020. Our tentative idea is to call it 50 Stories for 50 Years.

We are looking for residents (or former residents) who have a story to tell. The stories might be about growing up in Suffield, about the farming community, about your church, your committees, your non-profit group, education, real estate, development in town, etc. and how these stories have evolved over the past 50 years from the 1960s to now.

Please contact Beth Chafetz at, if you have ideas or suggestions. 

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