Town Approves Temporary Safety Fix

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On Tuesday, October 30, Galasso Materials began overlay paving/shimming and pothole repair of deteriorated areas on portions of Forest and Griffin Roads, two private roads in West Suffield. The undertaking followed safety concerns expressed relative to the condition of the roads and agreement by Town officials. The $47,273 project will be deducted from the Town’s Pavement Management and Drainage Funds, leaving under $100,000 for the remainder of the fiscal year. First Selectman Melissa M. Mack noted, “This measure assures safe passage for emergency vehicles and residents while determining a long-term plan to address private roads in a way that is equitable for all.”

Residents of Forest and Griffin Roads voiced complaints regarding poor roads overall, but highlighted rough areas marred by pot holes and extreme cracking, making portions of them difficult and unsafe for travel. The Town pointed to the key role neighborhood associations play in maintaining private roads, but acknowledged their difficulty to comply with and fund necessary upkeep. Upon inspection, the Town recommended the limited, short-term road repairs in order to improve safety before winter travel.

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