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Reciting the names of the presidents, sixth-grader Christian Flanagan smiles as he approaches the comic climax of his performance in the Suffield Middle School Talent Show on November 19.

Congratulations to Sarah Johnston – World Languages Student of the Month for December. Sarah is a senior at Suffield High School, currently enrolled in Advanced Placement French Language and Culture course.

Sarah is a talented language learner with an unbeatable enthusiasm for linguistic challenges and cultural diversity. Her effort and dedication to the study of French have resulted in a high level of competency in the language. In April of 2017, Sarah was inducted into the National French Honor Society, and currently serves as the President of the chapter. In her role as President, with admirable enthusiasm, Sarah plans various cultural activities and coordinates many celebrations at the school. Her original ideas, charismatic demeanor, and admirable entrepreneurial skills, make her an inspiring leader and a passionate promoter of cultural awareness.

Sarah is also a member of the Interact Club, and the National Honor Society. She currently works as a Recreation Assistant at Suffield by the River where her efforts are primarily focused on offering companionship to elderly residents suffering from dementia.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys many activities, but admits that travel is her passion. She has travelled to Mexico, Portugal, Catalina Island, Spain, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Antigua, as well as multiple states in the United States. She believes that her love for languages and cultures stems from her family and travel experiences. “My grandparents were born and raised in the beautiful country of Portugal. I have been surrounded by the Portuguese culture and traditions all of my life. My family’s influence taught me to be open minded, accepting, and eager to explore the world. My travels have not only brought me to new and exciting places, but have brought wonderfully unique individuals into my life. Seeing different people in their native environments, simply carrying out their daily lives, shows that there is no one, definitive way to live life. Life is what you make of it.”

She reflects that “learning French at school has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me. I have been able to use my knowledge and skills in French around Europe. You get an amazing sense of pride when you have been learning a language for so many years and suddenly get the chance to use it.”

In the future, Sarah would like to pursue a profession in the healthcare field, as she is determined to help her community in any way she can.

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