Warning about Scams

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Every once in a while I remind everyone, but particularly seniors, about all the scams we receive on our phone. I too am a senior and even though I am careful, once in a while I almost fall for one. Just remember if it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. And you will never be called on the phone by the IRS, your insurance company, for anything about your health, or for any personal information. If it is from any of the above, they will send you something in the mail. Also if they give you a number to call to see if the call is legitimate, that is just a number that will agree to their scam.

I have not received one, but I understand they are also using numbers that belong to a friend so that you will answer the call. If you have any doubts about what to do, then call a relative or friend or a town agency. And never, never fall for the one about a grandchild or friend who’s traveling and has a problem and needs you to send money. I have also been told not to say yes to anything as they can take that out of context and use it as an agreement to something. The scammers are always updating their methods, so you have to stay a step ahead of them.

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