Award-Winning Film Bag It Offered Free

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Poster provided by the author.

Almost invisible in this poster for the movie is “Everyman,” drowning in plastic.

This documentary is the first in a series of free programs on current environmental issues presented by The Second Baptist Church in collaboration with the Kent Memorial Library and the local chapter of the Sierra Club. It will be shown on Sunday, March 17, at 4:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall, Second Baptist Church on 100 North Main Street. Childcare services are available and there is ample parking behind the church. Popcorn will be provided.

Bag It follows “everyman” Jeb Berrier as he tries to make sense of our dependence on plastic bags. Although his quest starts out small, Jeb soon learns that plastic waste affects oceans, rivers, and ultimately our health. The consumption of plastic particles can disrupt the endocrine glands, cause cancer, diabetes, autism, attention deficit disorder, obesity, and infertility.

The average American uses about 500 plastic bags each year, for about 12 minutes each. This single-use mentality has led to the formation of a floating island of plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean more than twice the size of Texas. Some cities, including Washington and San Francisco as well as some in Ireland, Italy and China, have curbed plastic use.

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