Chet’s Place Needs Help

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It is cold and snowy as I write this, but thankfully spring is right around the corner. In addition to the warm weather, blossoming flowers, and singing birds, across our country spring brings us the Great American Pastime of softball and baseball. I personally can’t wait…it brings back memories of catch with my dad…teaching my son to throw, catch and hit…memories that will last  forever. In our great town of Suffield, the tradition of softball and baseball remains alive and well; and can be witnessed spring and summer evenings at the Daniel K. Christian Field on Hale Street.

Christian Field will soon be bustling with the crack of the ball striking the bat, the smack of the ball pounding the gloves, the kids cheering on their teammates, the umpires yelling strikes and outs, and the fans cheering on their teams. In addition to these sounds of the sport, we look forward to the amazing scent of the food of our pastime; the smell of, among other foods, popcorn and hotdogs. At least the Suffield Little League hopes so. For decades now, Christian Field has provided food to the players, coaches, fans and families at Chet’s Place food stand (named after the late Chet McComb, the “Father of Little League Baseball in Suffield”). As the 2019 season approaches, there is growing concern that there won’t be a manager to run Chet’s Place; and hence the smell of food at Christian Field will be no more. In order to avoid this, the Suffield Little League Board of Directors is seeking assistance with the management of Chet’s Place. There will still be volunteers from the Little League family to assist with working at Chet’s Place, however the need is for a person, or multiple people, to run the operation. This will include such things as ordering the food to be served, organizing the volunteers, and ensuring that Chet’s Place is properly stocked and staffed.

This is a great opportunity for someone, or maybe some local organization to support Suffield’s youth, and our Little League program. The Suffield Little League is asking for volunteers to come forward and take over the management of Chet’s Place. We are hoping there is a retired resident who loves softball and baseball that wants to manage Chet’s Place, or a parent of a Little League player who has the time to step up and manage this facility, or one (or more) of Suffield’s great civic organizations such as the Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus, Freemasons, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or other organization that wants to take over the management of Chet’s Place. The possibilities of who may want to run Chet’s Place are numerous. This could even evolve into a fundraiser for one of Suffield’s organizations.

While we are excited for the start of the softball and baseball season and the return of this great sport at Christian Field, there is also growing fear that without someone to take over the management of Chet’s Place, there won’t be hotdogs, hamburgers, or other snacks to be enjoyed at Christian Field this year. Not having snacks and drinks at Christian Field would be a tremendous shame for the players and spectators at our softball and baseball games.

There are many families who look forward to going to Christian Field weeknights to practice or play a game…and then enjoy dinner or snacks at Chet’s Place. After that, these families watch more softball or baseball and cheer on their fellow Suffield families. Let’s not let this tradition fall to the wayside.

If you, or your organization, want to take over the management of Chet’s Place, please contact me at, or 860-242-7174.. Opening day is almost here. Help the Suffield League preserve the tradition of Chet’s Place. 

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