Sports Equipment Collected for Reuse

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Photo provided by the author

Author Karissa Stanio is pictured with used sports equipment traded for free admission to home basketball games. The equipment will be offered for free reuse.

In November, I attended the first ever Student Athlete Advisory Board meeting hosted by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC).

As one of three representatives for our area, I was tasked with sharing what we are doing in Suffield to promote sportsmanship and community involvement and bringing home new ideas. At the conference, students got together into small groups to discuss possible community service initiatives for our Class Act Councils.

My group came up with the idea of a used sports equipment drive. I thought this would work well at Suffield High School because most students play sports throughout their whole lives, so I took the idea back to SHS, and we decided to offer the incentive for students to bring in used gear for free admission to any home basketball game. Three months later, we have collected a ton of equipment! The donations will help other kids do something that we take for granted: play sports! 

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