World Language Students

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Photo by Paula Anderson

Pictured in the Suffield High Cafeteria are the co-winners of the February Language Student of the Month award. From the left: Katherine Davis and Savannah Price.

Both Katherine Davis and Savannah Price have earned the February award for World Language Student of the Month. Katherine and Savannah are juniors at Suffield High School and classmates currently enrolled in Spanish V Honors.

As classmates, Savannah and Katherine have demonstrated a commitment to communicating in the Spanish language from the beginning of the year. Together they engage in spontaneous conversation, take risks and create opportunities for growth. Individually, each has consistently demonstrated dedication to furthering their proficiency by extensively examining the language, exploring the content and making cultural connections.

Katherine consistently strives to enhance her proficiency by asking great questions that dig deeper into the mechanics of the language. She is a conscientious and thorough student who welcomes the challenges of the rigorous curriculum. Katherine’s creativity shines through original works in which she makes personal connections to authentic Spanish resources. She enjoys the challenge of producing spontaneous speech and is motivated to learn about language and culture in order to travel and interact with various people around the world. Katherine plans to continue studying Spanish and hopes to use it in the future to help others as a doctor. She hopes to travel to Barcelona in the near future with family. Katherine excels in her other honors and AP courses and is a member of the National Honor Society. Some of her extracurricular activities include serving as the Junior Class treasurer and captain of the soccer team, competing in track and field, volunteering for various organizations and tutoring. She also works part-time.

Savannah is inquisitive and requests constructive feedback to expand her language proficiency. She is a diligent student, and her work shows great consideration. She consistently demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of challenging authentic resources. Savannah creates innovative products to personally connect to Hispanic art and poetry studied in class. She values the opportunities and connections that language learning offers and recognizes the importance of learning and understanding other people and their cultures. She also enjoys comparing and making connections between various cultures and her own. Savannah will continue to study Spanish next year and hopes to utilize her language skills in the future as a physician’s assistant and while traveling to Spanish speaking countries. Savannah receives honors in her AP and honors courses and is a member of the World Language Honor Society. Some of her extracurricular activities include playing on the lacrosse team, serving on the SHS Student Council and participating in the Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy. She also works on the weekends.

Both Savannah and Katherine are exceptional students who set high academic expectations for themselves and are active participants in the SHS community. They embody the Suffield High School Core values of Responsibility, Respect, Creativity, Integrity and Rigor. ¡Felicidades! to Savannah and Katherine for this well-deserved accolade.

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