Reap What You Sow

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Gardening is a great practice for the mind, body and spirit. Whether one is a plant pundit or new to the hobby, you can find multiple benefits in gardening. We have many choices of either seeds or young plants, and in a little time, we can reap a bounty of nutritional vegetables. Breathing fresh, clean air and utilizing the sun’s rays which make Vitamin D for our bodies are much-needed blessings. Also, children need to learn about gardening practices. I will always remember how I followed my ambitious grandfather around in his vegetable garden and learned about planting, mulching, etc. at an early age.

According to a research study conducted by Rutgers University, flowers are a natural mood moderator and have an almost immediate positive impact on happiness as well as a long-term effect on your overall mood. Spending time among the blossoms also allows you to feel a connection to the land and better relate to the earth. Gardening has also been proven to promote relief from acute stress.

Just think of this great combination: getting exercise while reaping healthy food and beautiful, fresh flowers!

Ref. Deepak Chopra 

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