Internet Provides Opportunity for Local Startup

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On Monday, March 4, a new way to generate some income from your property was introduced. Launching from Suffield, Events at HOME (your dream home for your dream day) offers homeowners the opportunity to rent out their private land, house or barn for weddings, events and corporate gatherings a few times per year. No sleepovers are allowed, and rental rates are by the hour.

A typical profit for a home owner ranges from $600–$900 for a 12-hour land rental (no home access) to $1,200–$1,800 for a 12-hour rental which includes access to both the house and the land. If you own a waterfront estate with all the bells and whistles, the hourly rate ranges between $600 and $800 which can quickly add up to over $9,000 for a single day event.

Events at HOME allows the homeowner to keep 100 percent of their listing fee. They charge the home user a fee once the property is booked. The listing process takes only a few minutes, and their customer service department is available to walk you through the site and help you determine your proper rental rate.

For those currently planning a wedding or celebration, you’ll quickly recognize the enormous savings that Events at HOME is offering, compared to the going rate for a wedding hall or large venue. Along with price, the opportunity to use a unique property (possibly never previously available for a party) is alluring for many who are searching for something special and fresh.

The team at Events at HOME is composed of a wedding planner, Suffield resident Sarah Parmos, an attorney and two web developers. You can visit their site at (.co/ is correct. Do not type .com) or call them direct at 860-837-3036 for more information about listing your property today! 

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