It’s That Time of Year – Medicare Coverage Checkup

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We all have annual tasks to complete. We pay our property taxes, we get medical and dental checkups, we review our budgets, and we clean out closets (well, maybe not).

One thing many (most?) seniors don’t do annually – and should – is review our health insurance choices. We made some choices a year or two or five years ago. Some of the premiums might have crept up. Some of the drug tiers might have changed. Some of the doctors could have retired or dropped out of the network. But no alarm bells rung for us so we didn’t react.

For those seniors who are healthy or wealthy, the time required to look at the options may seem like too much trouble. But we all know a medical emergency can strike at any time. And no one wants to spend unnecessary dollars.

Every senior on Medicare should get an annual coverage checkup. It’s easy and it’s free. You can compare your current coverage and costs to the other options. You can make sure your preferred doctors or hospitals will still be in your network next year. You can see if your drug costs in your current plan will rise. You can reconsider your decision about Medicare versus Medicare Advantage plans. You can see what new services may be offered.

How do you get your questions answered? One place to check is There is a wealth of information on that website. You can use it to compare plans and learn a lot about Medicare.

And there’s an even easier way to get your questions answered (and maybe even get some answers to questions you didn’t know enough to ask). There are two counselors in Suffield that you can meet with at either the Senior Center (860-668-8830) or at Community Aid (860-668-1986). These trained, unbiased volunteers can help you find the best information for your situation. Call either agency for a free “Medicare CHOICES Counselor” appointment. Medicare Open Enrollment starts on October 15. Counselors Sheri and Laura will be getting busy soon.

Add a Medicare Coverage Checkup to your fall list of tasks to complete.

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