Masons ID Kids Again

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Photo by Russell Scull

Volunteers from Composite Lodge #28, the Masonic group that meets in their lodge in Bridge Street, interview two youngsters during their recent CT CHIP seession, held in cooperation with a K-9 Olympics competition seen outside the CHIP shelter.

On July 20, members and family members in partnership with the K-9 Olympics held a CT CHIP (Connecticut Child Identification Program) event. Every year the Corrections department of Connecticut holds a K-9 Olympics competition. State Police, local police and correction departments from all over New England travel to the corrections facility in Enfield for this importatnt event.

This year must have been one of the hottest on record; the heat index was over 100 degrees. That did not stop the participants, dogs and trainers, from doing their best.

We, as Masons, also did our best to help over 30 families by documenting their children using the system that is recognized by law enforcement as one of the best for identifying missing children. This includes DNA, dental impressions, finger printing and more. 

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