A Rosy Message

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What a pleasure it is to give or receive

A gift with a meaning that you can believe.

It could be a rose for a special day

A single long stem or at best a bouquet.

Choose red for great love and passion and beauty.

A lavender rose is enchanting and lovely.

But white is so pure, for a bride it will do.

A peach colored rose says “I really like you”.

Light or dark pink says “Thank you so much.

Let’s all get together. Let’s all keep in touch”.

A bouquet together of yellow and red

Shows feelings of happiness, it is known be said.

It may cause excitement to dance through your head.

One long stemmed rose is so full of grace,

Placed in a bud vase so elegantly placed.

With a sprig of white baby’s breath and a collar of white lace.

But a dozen or so of this favorite bloom

In a crystalline vessel will light up a room.

Roses can help express a true feeling

Or an emotion about which you’re dealing.

So whatever the color you give or receive

A message is one thing that will be achieved.

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