‘A Town With A Heart’

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On the Southfield scenic road – Where merchants took their load –
Suffield on the Green – Where dreamers come to dream.
First time in this place – Graham Crackers -“THEY TASTE GREAT”
And the cigar factory – Have a place in history.
Old Bridge – Neighborhood – Remember all the good.
Through tornado and the flood – We did all that we could.
It was the last field on the road – For the Postman, I am told.                                                         
From Springfield – to Hartford town – Now – it’s turned around.

If you need to be blessed – There’s a place that passed the test.
Come along and be a part –  (of a Town – With A Heart x2)

Town of Farms-a country jewel – Eagles fly across the schools
3 ponds in – another state – cottages – and mansions great.
Canals and sails – a Native place – Welcome all – to Sacred Space
Congamond – “Long Fishing Place” – Are Ponds of Holy Grace
Rail Trail – “All Hail” – on the Met-acomet Trail
Come on down – Bring a pal – to Wind-sor Locks Canal
There was panoramic view on the Bald Knob – It’s True –
But that day – has come to pass – Look around – and raise a glass !!

Repeat CHORUS then – BRIDGE below next:
Head or heart – Which will I chose? – One will win – one will lose
Scarecrow’s voice in the dark; (“I will choose a heart… ” x2)

There were slaves who now are free – In our world – family
 Immigrants – have come to see – What they are – meant to be.
Volunteers to charity – This is – our legacy.
There is much – for us to do – Heal the world sounding true.
Suffield – has come to be – A welcome – community
From the moment – that I came – I was never – the same
No matter what the future brings – We will laugh and we will sing
Echoing across the land – Reach out – Lend a hand !!!!
Repeat CHORUS  x3

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