Let’s Get Acquainted

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Francine Aloisa

Hello old friends and welcome to my new acquaintances! Some of you may remember me from three or more decades ago when I was employed at the Kent Memorial Library. I began my professional library career in Suffield in 1974 and advanced from a Library Assistant to Assistant Director and finally as Co-Director with Anne Borg until 1995. I learned so much from my time in Suffield and was able to bring that knowledge and expand upon it to my new position as Director of the Somers Public Library where I remained until my retirement in 2016. I am happy and excited to return to Suffield as Interim Library Director while the search for a permanent Library Director continues.

Certainly a lot has changed over the last 25 years, not just at the library, but for the town in general. Although most areas within the library have been redesigned and new furnishings are in place, the core structure of the building is intact and the addition of the Mary Anne Zak entrance now provides a warm and welcoming approach to the interior. This is now a time of growth and rejuvenation for the library. Core collections will be relevant and up-to-date, educational and entertainment type programs will continue to be developed, and learning resources and information services will always be provided. As with most public libraries, the Kent Memorial Library is central to the community and as we collaborate with other Town departments and organizations we want to make sure we provide our residents a welcoming and convenient place to connect with others.

As the library begins to develop a new strategic plan with goals and objectives to provide for future services we welcome your input and suggestions. What are we lacking? How can we resolve our challenges? What can we do better? What positive changes can be made? If you haven’t visited the newly reopened building, please stop by, introduce yourself, enjoy what we have to offer, and become part of our library community! 

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