Recycling and So Forth

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Not every, but most of the markets where we shop have containers somewhere near their entrance where you can recycle many other plastic materials besides the plastic bags, which have been phased out. For example – containers for lettuce, carrot, bread, or anything with a recycle symbol on it. If there is not a symbol, just put it with your regular trash. If you need more information about how to maximize your plastic recycling, go to

Something that I have been doing to eliminate wasting paper is to call or send a letter to those who are sending mail asking for charitable donations that I don’t wish to contribute to, and asking them to take my name off their list. I also call those who keep sending requests after I have donated to stop or if they can’t do that just move my name altogether from their records,

In addition, my third suggestion, which I may have mentioned before, bring your own containers to restaurants to take home left over food. Just ignore your dinning companions if they roll their eyes because you are trying to be responsible for our planet, which is in trouble.

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