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The April & May issues of the Suffield Observer will only be available online so that we could comply with good health practices and protect the health of our volunteers, limiting direct contact between people.  Whereas the print edition requires that many volunteers work together in close quarters, a skeleton Observer crew has prepared the submissions for this issue, much which can be done remotely. While we hope to be able to resume deliveries of printed papers soon, until it is safe to do so we will try to continue to publish an online Observer.  However, as always, this largely depends upon submissions from community members. So please submit articles and Letters to the Editor and bookmark this page [https://thesuffieldobserver.com] so you can read the Suffield Observer online prospectively if you do not receive a copy in the mail, or anytime you choose to see the online edition.

Given the fact that things are changing daily to minimize the possible spread of the virus, many group meetings or events that may be listed in this online edition of the Observer are likely to be postponed or cancelled. Please confirm with the appropriate groups to find out whether a particular event is proceeding or has been cancelled. 

The Town encourages every citizen to sign up for emergency notifications through CT Alert and for Town News. The Emergency Alert page on the Town website is being kept up to date for an immediate source of information. Please take advisories seriously, be smart, show concern for others in need and/or those who you may put in jeopardy by disregarding the recommendations of health experts. We will get through this with the same sense of community that we always show in times of need.

The Staff of the Observer

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