Suffield Community Aid Services Available to ALL Residents During COVID-19

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Dear Suffield Residents,

It can be said that what is truly valuable only comes into focus during times of crisis.  This is especially true of Suffield Community Aid (SCA) – your local safety net – and the Town of Suffield’s chosen partner to deliver vital resources.  

The Town entrusts and contracts with SCA annually to provide supportive health and social services to our residents during periods of need.  Serving as that very safety net, SCA’s goal is to preserve and maintain the dignity and lifestyle of individuals and families during hardships.  

Right now, SCA stands ready to assist those struggling with the financial impact of Covid-19.  While SCA works continuously with our vulnerable populations, it is also available to ANY resident experiencing temporary needs and is done so in a strictly confidential manner.  We ask that residents take advantage of this truly valuable service that the Town of Suffield offers every day, but is particularly noteworthy during this current challenge.  We encourage residents to  reach out for a helping hand at 860-668-1986.


Melissa M. Mack
First Selectwoman

Janet Frechette
Director, Suffield Community Aid

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