Voting Methods Available

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There are several voting options available for Suffield’s voters. Absentee ballot voting options available to eligible voters are 1) regular absentee balloting, 2) supervised absentee balloting, 3) emergency absentee balloting and 4) permanently physically disabled absentee ballot processing. 

Polling place voting options are: 5) paper ballots completed by hand at a privacy booth then processed through a tabulator; 6) voter-verified paper ballot marking system which is an accessible voting device enabling a voter with different disabilities – including visual impairment – to vote privately and independently. The voting device features a touchscreen display and includes alternatives such as audio, tactile keys, Jelly Bean button, and customizable displays to accommodate voters with a wide range of physical, sensory, cognitive and literacy abilities. This system accurately marks the ballot and ballot is run through the tabulator; and 7) curbside voting for those temporarily incapacitated who are allowed to complete their ballot in their car.

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