Walk to the Hart of Climate Change

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Sustainable Suffield, a teacher- and student-led grassroots organization dedicated to bringing attention to our role in solving the world’s most challenging climate-related issues, and Suffield High School are proud to announce Walk to the Hart of Climate Change, a three-day event featuring National Geographic Explorer Dr. John Francis and organized by 2018 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow and National Geographic Certified Educator Justin Kaput. The walk and its adjacent actions and events will emphasize identification of and collaborative problem solving for the big issues facing our planet today.

During this inspiring series of student-directed actions, youth from adjacent school systems will be taking part in an interconnected, multidisciplinary and multicultural walk starting in Suffield and ending at the capitol building in Hartford. This walk will highlight student learning and bring awareness to the pressing issue of climate change. As they research, create, communicate, and collaborate with their peers and members of the scientific community, they will be empowered to act as responsible planetary stewards, and furthermore, they will inspire others to do the same.

 The kick-off event for the entire Suffield community will be Friday, April 23 on the Suffield Town Green. A day-long conference at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford on Monday, April 27 will feature youth engagement workshops with experts on a diverse array of environmental topics, and opportunities for students to create Community Action Plans to start bringing change to their own towns. Finally, students will take their ideas to state legislators in Hartford and impress upon our lawmakers the need for urgent policy change.

If you would like more information about Walk to the Hart, please email walktothehart@suffield.org

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