Know the Soil, Part 2 of 2

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Importance of friable soil: 

Crumbly, friable soil permits roots and other underground plant parts to thrive.  Also, loose texture is imperative concerning drainage.  A garden should drain well enough that it never becomes waterlogged while, at the same time, retaining sufficient moisture to provide plants with an evenly moist medium in which to grow.  When you scoop up a handful of friable soil and squeeze it, it will form a clump.  Sandy soil will not allow you to shape it.  Unlike rigid clay, which no sane person or plant wants, a clump of friable soil easily disintegrates when you try to break it apart. 

You may want to eliminate the guess work and obtain a home soil test kit or take a soil sample to a testing facility.  The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, since 1875, is located in Windsor, CT.  Soil sample tests are performed at no charge for Connecticut residents.

Fertilizer, lime, etc. may be necessary, depending on the results concerning your landscaping plan.

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