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May 15, 2020

As the economy slowly starts to reopen, and we start to venture out “safely”, why not consider getting to know about the many farms here in town, and what they have to offer? After all, Suffield is an agricultural community!

Instead of purchasing all of your produce at the nearby supermarket, try stopping at the local farm stand. If you are in the center of town on the weekends, there is a farmers market you can shop at, and do just the same.

Locally grown food not only tastes and looks better, but it’s better for you. Crops are picked at their peak. Did you know the longer it takes for produce to reach your kitchen table, the less nutrients you get? Produce imported from far away is older, not to mention the pesticides. Just think about all the trucks, and planes, even warehouses produce may have sat in before it actually gets to you. That’s why buying locally is the way to go! Buying locally also supports the community and local families. Wholesale prices at farmers markets, or the local farm stand are often much lower, because those farms are selling directly to you, the consumer.

Next time you stop by the local farm stand, ask about the land they grow on, and the different sea- sons, and what to buy and when. Learn a little bit more about agriculture and nature, while enjoying the delicious taste of freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Some of my favorites are ripe and tart blackberries, succulent strawberries, fresh pies and jams, and my absolute favorite, the sweetest tasting corn on the cob!!! And while you are there, ask if they have local honey too. Local honey is great for those of us with allergies. It helps you build antibodies, and will actually suppress those en- vironmental allergy symptoms.

For more information, check out this link: to view the Suffield Farms Map or visit:

Brielle A. Browne Walsh, M.S.

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