Churches to Share Online Services

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The Second Baptist Church, First Congregational Church and West Suffield Congregational Church all suspend services in August each year and the members are invited to the historic First Baptist Church on Hastings Hill. The First Baptist Church acts as a community church and everyone is invited to join the services. The pulpit is shared by a group of ministers from all these churches and beyond. As all three churches are doing their on-line services, it was decided to continue this for August. So, there will be no in-person services at the church but what you will see is a pre-recorded service from the First Baptist Church, that will be available on line each Sunday morning. Here is the schedule:

August 2

Reverend Tom Carr, 

Second Baptist Church

August 9

Reverend Diann Bailey,

First Congregational Church

August 16

Reverend Lisa Eleck,

West Suffield Congregational Church

August 23

Rev. Dr. Rachael Lawrence,

Second Baptist Church

August 30

David Figliuzzi, Seminarian, Yale Divinity School

September 6

Dr. Sarah Drummond,

Founding Dean, Andover Newton at Yale Divinity School

The organists are Jean Aldrich Jones of Second Baptist Church and Noah Smith of  First Congregational Church.

Each church will continue to distribute the services as they have over the last five months, so if you want to join us at First Baptist Church go to any of the churches websites for information on how to join the services at 10 a.m. on Sundays. 

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