Suffield Hardware Recognized

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Photo provided by Norm Noble

George Fields, left, accepts an award from Suffield 350th committee member Norm Noble. The inscription read “Presented to Suffield Hardware in appreciation for your outstanding effort in selling 2019 RAM Truck raffle tickets ensuring a successful fundraiser.”

George Fields and his team at Suffield Hardware were recognized in early July for their continuing support for the Suffield 350th anniversary celebration. The award, hand-crafted by 350th committee member and truck raffle organizer Norm Noble, included a scale model of the 2019 Dodge RAM 1500 truck that was raffled off at Suffield on the Green in 2019. Suffield Hardware sold nearly 25% of the total 2,620 raffle tickets!

Suffield Hardware continues to support the 350th celebration by selling 350th Anniversary challenge coins created by the Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association. They also offer a central location for displaying posters promoting 350th events!

Thank you, George!

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