Virtual FFA Award Ceremony

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May 20 marked the first of its kind virtual award ceremony for the Suffield Agriscience FFA chapter. It is traditionally a bittersweet ceremony, as it is the last official meeting the chapter officers and chapter holds for the year.

President Renée Tautic and Vice President JoAnna Beaudry lead the chapter in its last official ceremony of the school year and the ceremony went on without a hitch! Staff and students quickly put together one of the most professionally run ceremonies of its kind. Kudos to all of the Agriscience teachers and school technology staff who worked numerous hours to put the ceremony together!

There were many awards received by students of each class from freshman to seniors who have worked hard throughout the year on their academics, Supervised Agricultural Experience projects, among other aspects of the Agriscience curriculum.

Seniors Renée Tautic and Elizabeth Leighton gave their retirement address to the chapter encouraging students “to make the most of their time in high school and the Ag program because the time goes by very quickly.” This year marks the first of its kind ceremony. People from all around the country were able to attend the ceremony remotely.

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