Primary Voting Information

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Due to COVID-19 voters were requested to practice social distancing, wear face masks and sanitize their hands at the polls to help ensure the safety of others. Every voter entering the polls respected the first two requests and most the third. Between the considerate voters and the poll-workers with their alcohol wipes the polling place was kept as sanitized as we could.

 It was difficult to find people to work the polls due to the fear of the contagion. Fortunately, there were enough who came forward to do the job. Even three high school students donated their time to help at the polls.

 On Tuesday, August 11, out of 4,944 eligible Suffield voters only 1,298 elector’s votes were cast. More voters chose to vote by absentee ballot than in person. It was a slow day at the polls where only 503 electors appeared in person to cast their votes. There were 795 absentee ballots counted.

 The polling place was set up differently to help avoid cross contamination. Voters enter by the front gym door and the voting process took them straight back to the rear of the gym where they inserted their ballots into the tabulator and exited the polls. Other arrangements were made for people with special needs.

Suffield Primary Results

Democratic Presidential Preference Primary

773 – Joe Biden

100 – Bernie Sanders

6 – Tulsi Gabbard

21 – Uncommitted

Republican President Preference Primary

403 – Donald J. Trump

20 – Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente

80 – Uncommitted

Representative in Congress 2nd District

210 – Thomas Gilmer

209 – Justin Anderson

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