100 Years Ago in Suffield

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Selected from the pages of the Windsor Locks Journal and lightly annotated by Wendy Taylor of Kent Memorial Library.

November 5

There was a large vote cast at the state and national election in this town Tuesday, 1,261 votes being cast out of a total list of 1,398. The polls opened at 5.30 and about 200 voted before 7 o’clock. At 4 o’clock 1,200 ballots had been cast so that the last 60 had plenty of time. The voting machines worked perfectly and would have easily taken care of 2,000 voters. 

The large vote emphasized the advantage of voting machines over ballots. Everything was quiet and orderly, with no slamming of doors, half the number of election officials and the result ready to announce in less than an hour after the polls closed. Four counters did the work usually done by twelve in less than half the time.

A man giving his name as Joseph Phillips was arrested by Constables Woodruff and Gregg yesterday afternoon on the charge of breach of the peace and impersonating a government officer and forcing entrance to the homes of Mrs. Eva Gudouski and Joseph Markel in West Suffield. He went to the Gudouski place and finding no one but the daughter, said he was a United States government officer and asked how many barrels of cider were in the cellar. He then tried to make the girl go to the cellar with him but she broke away and went to the home of her sister nearby. Phillips then went to the home of Joseph Markel, and tried the same tactics, but the men in the house took away his gun and held him while they telephoned for the police. 

The students of the Suffield School enjoyed a Hallowe’en party in the school gymnasium last Saturday night. The gymnasium was decorated with Hallowe’en favors, being in the form of a midway or fair, there being various booths and games on both sides of the gymnasium. Gatchell’s orchestra of Springfield furnished the music.

The second bronze memorial tablet of Suffield soldiers in all wars, which was not completed in time for the 250th anniversary celebration, has been completed and will be placed in position in a few days.

Election returns were received in the Town hall Tuesday evening. Music was furnished by an orchestra from Springfield and vocal solos were given by outside and local talent.

November 12

Federal officers were in town Saturday looking for illicit stills and with the local officers visited several places in town that had been reported as very active in distilling moonshine whiskey, but neither stills nor liquor were located. It is said that some of the moonshine whiskey is 80 per cent alcohol, and that a pint is sufficient for a case of delirium tremens. [National Prohibition began in 1920.]

Charles L. Spencer underwent an operation for gall stones at the home on Main street Monday afternoon. The operation was successful and Mr. Spencer is very comfortable.

Mr. and Mrs. H. John Barriesford, Jr., were among the invited guests at a coon supper which was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nolan of Poquonock Tuesday evening. The coon weighed 17 1/2 pounds and was captured by dogs owned by John Dowling, a cigar manufacturer of Hartford.

November 19

A case of scarlet fever has been reported to the health officer, the patient being a child of Mr. and Mrs. James Ringland of West Suffield. The home has been quarantined and the Sheldon street school which the child attended has been closed until after Thanksgiving.

November 26

There were the usual number of Thanksgiving parties in town for Thanksgiving and the trolleys were well filled during the day with people travelling to and from the Thanksgiving feast.

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