From Our Gardens – The Phelps-Hatheway House

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Photo by Karen Jason

During her recent class in the Hatheway Barn, Julie Harrison explains how to create the presentation of a flower arrangement (i.e. triangular height, in and out, etc.)

Julie Harrison, aka Julie the Garden Fairy, presented “From Our Gardens”, an Organic and Natural Style of Floral Arrangements Workshop on September 24, held at the Phelps-Hatheway House on Main Street in the Barn. There are no pesticides or chemical spray used in growing her flowers. Only organic practices are utilized on the farm. Julie has her Bachelor’s degree from UCONN in Horticulture and Landscape Design.

Due to Covid-19, the barn allowed social distancing for each of the masked attendees and provided an environment of creativity and safety.

Julie brought a variety of multiple colored flowers, all of which are grown on her farm from seed to maturity. Then as a designer, she creates her own designs. The beauty you see outside in nature she creates in her designs, bringing that look and feeling into your home.

Each arrangement created by the attendees reflected their own individual choice of what would be in their design (i.e. color of flowers, branches, greenery etc.). With Julie’s assistance in teaching the class, she instructed how to approach the design so that the shape gave it that special professional touch and some additional tricks in creating arrangements that she passed on to the group.

Everyone had completed their arrangement at the end of class and each arrangement was different. It was an evening with the ability to work with Nature and its beauty. How could you go wrong when Mother Nature provides you the materials and you just get to put your own spin on it. Every arrangement was beautiful. Not to mention everyone had a beautiful floral centerpiece to bring home with them after class.

Individuals that participated in the event were Pat Quinn, Dianne Seaman, Carol Lawson, Kathy Donabed, Jo Mycaff Schultz, Deborah Richards, Susan Taylor, Brunella Keller, Stephanie Garofalo. Sara Benito, Elaine Smith and Karen Jason. Lynn Mervosh and Carolyn Ducharme (Phelps-Hatheway Garden and Home Property) were there to assist with anything needed for the event, but did get an opportunity to create a beautiful arrangement as well.

Julie who sells her beautiful arrangements at the Farmers Market on the Suffield Green, also has a flower stand at her farm, where she sells arrangements during the week. It is located at 1321 Sheldon Street, West Suffield. Julie designs floral arrangements year round for any occasion, event or if you just want to remind someone how special they are

Lynn Mervosh, Site Director for the Phelps-Hatheway House and Garden (A Connecticut Landmarks Society property) has coordinated many events and special celebrations for families and organizations over the years.

Elaine Smith has selected all her materials for her arrangement. Photo by Karen Jason
Stephanie Garofalo and Sara Benito constructing their creations. Photo by Karen Jason

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