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An extraordinary basket-weave turkey graces this Thanksgiving decoration

We all have or at least endeavor to have spotless floors, etc. in our homes, but it’s important to know which cleaning products to avoid. Toxic fumes are neither friends to our bodies, nor the environment. Just think, in particular, how low to the floor our lovable, breathing children and pets are. Also, as the colder months progress, it’s unlikely there will be many opened windows for fresh air circulation. It’s our responsibility to safeguard our family members and ourselves.

Read the labels, on common household cleaning products. I avoid items that are labeled “Fragrant, Perfumed, Danger, Poison, Caution, or Warning.” Although the planet is being bombarded with toxicity, especially in the cities, we certainly can do our part to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals in our homes. I don’t believe the human body was designed to receive inorganic chemicals on a continual basis.

Hazardous chemicals can often be found in these common household products: drain cleaners, floor-care products, oven cleaners, window sprays, bathroom cleaners, furniture and metal polishes, pesticides, and laundry products. When you shop for cleaning products you may be able to stay away from some of these chemicals by reading the labels. Those labeled “Danger” or “Poison” are typically the most hazardous and should be avoided. Some products are labeled “Caution” or “Warning” because they are usually skin or eye irritants to put it mildly.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and stay safe and well, my friends!

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