Signs for Old Suffield Homes

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Samuel Hatheways house is among the oldest now surviving in town.

As you travel around town you have probably seen signs on many of the old homes in town. 

For years, the large home with this sign was called “Aldenheim,” and still is, to a few old timers.
The home next door to this sign explained the relation between the two buildings. It read the Saddle Shop of Consider Williston.”

As part of the 350th Anniversary Celebration, the Suffield Historical Society encourages homeowners to put signs on their homes, whether the houses are new or old. However, the Historical Society would especially like to motivate owners of old houses in this endeavor. The 1869 Suffield map pinpoints 650 homes. Of these, we believe that about 450 homes still exist today. It would be great if all these houses had a sign.

Specifics on the home signs and a list of possible venders for them is on the Suffield Historical Society website at

Finding information on older homes is sometime a very difficult task. Land records, tax records, probate records, old pictures, Census records and the 1855 and 1869 Suffield maps can provide information on many of these old homes. If you need help, the Historical Society is a good starting point in your search for answers as to who built a house and when. Direct your inquiries to this email address:

Interested in helping? The Historical Society is looking for volunteers to help homeowners in their research. You don’t have to be a member.

The Society also needs volunteers to identify and build an index for the 1,000 old house pictures that are part of the Delphina H. Clark Photo collection that belongs to the Town of Suffield and resides in the Historical Room of the Kent Memorial Library. The pictures date from the 1880’s to the 1940’s. The volunteer work includes identifying the current addresses of the existing houses, noting renovations done since a photograph was taken and indicating which houses no longer exist. Please use the email address above if interested in volunteering. 

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