New Books in the Children’s Room

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We’ve got new books in the kids’ room, and here are a couple of my faves!

Handimals: Animals in Art and Nature written by Silvia Lopez; Art by Guido Daniele

If you like animals and you like creative art – this is the book for you! Each animal is a photo of a person’s hand, painted to look like an animal. Hands. Animals. Handimals.

Each double page spread has a photo of an animal, a photo of a “handimal” and some factual information about the animal. It’s fun to figure out how many hands are involved in each handimal. Is it one hand? Two? I think the Royal Python is three – tell me what you think! P.S. Be sure to look for the Jane Goodall photo at the end.

Crab Cake: Turning the Tide Together written and illustrated by Andrea Tsurumi

“Manta Ray gets cleaned. Clownfish hides in the stinging anemone. Tangs swim in schools… And Crab bakes cakes.” This picture book is a fun mix of factual and funny, as well as a playful mix of story and illustrations. One day, as the underwater creatures are busy in their colorful, oceanic world – a “big splash” brings trash, and pollution, and darkness to their homes. What will they do? Well – “Crab bakes a cake,” which helps bring the community together to find a solution. How would you help?

These books are available at Kent Memorial Library. To reserve them you can give us a call (860-668-3896), or go to the online catalog through our website ( to place a “request” with your library card. Feel free to ask us for other book recommendations, too!

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