What’s Your Number?

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What’s your number? That question can mean different things to different people. Some numbers, when they are too high or too low, can be a matter of life or death– such as your blood pressure, your cholesterol, or your blood sugar levels. Other numbers such as your age, zip code and phone number don’t have the same impact. But, there’s one number you probably don’t think of that can be as important to your well-being as your body’s personal numbers: your street number.

When you have an emergency of any kind and call for help, the police department, fire department, and/or ambulance resources need to find you fast. Suffield has many street lots, flag lots, long driveways and numbers too small to see from the road, not to mention poor visibility in storms. Right about now you’re thinking: “Don’t they use GPS (Global Positioning System)?” The short answer is, yes. However, GPS is not 100% accurate. It may not be updated with newly built home addresses, or you could be in an area where the signal is lost or not available during a storm with downed lines and signal.

Large fluorescent house numbers are a necessity to ensuring the quickest response when you’re in trouble. The Suffield Fire Department has signs available to put on your mail post. To order one, call the main firehouse at 860-668-3888 to make arrangements to get one. There’s a minimal cost of $7.50, which is well worth your peace of mind and safety. A visible number confirms to them that they do, in fact, have the correct address.

Don’t gamble that emergency services will find you. Make sure they find you. Put your house number where it can be easily seen. Don’t put it off. Put it on! Someday, your life may depend on it. ζ

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