Elderly/Totally Disabled Homeowners Tax Credit

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The Assessor’s office administers the Elderly/Totally Disabled Homeowner’s program annually. This program will allow a credit on the June real estate tax bill to qualified taxpayers. The 2020 income limits are $37,600 for an unmarried homeowner and $45,800 for married homeowners, who must have owned their home by October 1, 2020, who live in their home, who are residents of this state, who have reached age 65 by December 31, 2020 or are totally disabled. The filing period opens on Monday, February 1 and will end on Friday, May 14.

New applicants must apply by May 14; any current recipient of the benefit who has received a letter from the Assessor’s office reminding them to apply this year must also apply no later than May 14 in order to continue to receive the benefit. Proof of income for 2020 is needed to apply. Income includes:

• Social Security Benefit Statement (1099 Form for 2020). This must be submitted, if you and/or your spouse receive Social Security benefits.

• Federal Income Tax Return (If you file).

• If you do not file an income tax return, statements of 2020 taxable income -including Taxable Pensions, IRA’s, Interest, Dividends, Wages, etc., in addition to the Social Security Statement must be provided,

Applications for additional veteran’s benefits are also being taken, with a deadline of September 30 for that program. The same income guidelines apply.

At this time, the Assessor’s Office is closed to the public. Applicants should gather their income/tax documents and then contact the office to make arrangements. We can exchange information by email, postal mail or by drop off. Please send an email to ltrase@suffieldct.gov or call the office at 860-668-3866 to discuss.

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