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Bunny in the Middle

By Anika A. Denise; illustrated by Christopher Denise

This is a lovely picture book about family. Being the middle child usually gets a lot of bad press. However, this story points out the benefits as well as some of the consternations, while the illustrations remind us of what warm summer days look like.

Fauja Singh Keeps Going

By Simran Jeet Singh/ illustrated by Baljinder Kaur; forward by Fauja Singh

This picture book biography tells the story of Fauja Singh, the “oldest person to ever run a marathon.” Age (he’s 100!!) isn’t the only remarkable thing about Fauja’s story – he wasn’t able to walk until he was five! He was told by many people he would never be able to walk, never go to school, never be able to farm – but his mother always said, “You know yourself, Fauja, and you know what you’re capable of. Today is a chance to do your best.” It’s a great story about believing in yourself, and about trying, even when others would have you give up before you begin.

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