A Moment in Time: Old Photos Invited from Our Readers

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Photo from the Suffield Historical Society

This late-forties view looks east up the north side of Depot Street (now Mountain Road) from a spot near the foot of the hill. Prominent at the left is Bill Cusick’s Depot Street Service Station, with its big GULF sign at the right with a sign offering clean rest rooms. To the left of the two garage bays is an older store front, where Cusick sold ice cream and diverse merchandise. The location is now the Food Bag, which still sells gas and many of the same convenience items, plus raffle tickets instead of tires, batteries, and repairs. Just beyond the two gas pumps is Bruno Kulas’s Suffield Restaurant, now Three Figs. The Kulas family lived next door, upstairs, with a nice veranda. That building is now gone.

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