Let There Be Light

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Photo provided by Diana L. Ferrari

Seed Packet

If you are planning to start flower or vegetable seeds indoors, keep the following in mind:

Many seeds are picky concerning how deep they are planted. Instructions are usually provided on the back of seed packets. No info? Usually, there will be success by planting seeds two to three times as deep as they are wide, or a bit less.

There may be some days when sufficient natural light will shine through a south window for seeds/seedlings. But the truth is, we cannot depend on receiving enough natural light in our homes to produce healthy seedlings. Without an adequate amount of light, seedlings will usually become leggy and droopy instead of strong and sturdy. You can, however, use artificial light to achieve the right amount of light required by seedlings. Consider purchasing grow lights explicitly designed for plants. Or, use large fluorescent shop lights with an automatic timer attached to them. We suspend our lights from chains, which enables us to raise the lights higher as the plants develop. The lights are positioned approximately two or three inches above the plants and are on about 10-12 hours daily.

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