Mapleton Maple Syrup

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Join us for a community maple syrup boil on Sunday, March 7 in the barnyard at Hilltop Farm, 1616 Mapleton Ave. Ron Fenoff from Triple F Farms will be bringing his big evaporator, and Suffield Agriscience student Ashton Fenoff will share information on the history of maple syrup in New England.

Please check or for last minute schedule changes. Sometimes the weather can be uncooperative.

Do you have maple trees in your yard? It’s not too late to sign up to collect sap! We have buckets and spiles (taps) available and can help you tap your tree.

To sign up email or leave a voice message at 868-758-0668.

Red Maple Blossom

Maple trees are angiosperms, or flowering plants. They originated in the Cretaceous period, sometime between 120 million and 100 million years ago.

Indigenous peoples living in northeastern America were the first to discover maple syrup and to use it in cooking. French settlers were shown by their First Nations neighbors how to tap maple trees and boil down the sap, which quickly became an important ingredient in many traditional dishes prepared over a wood fire. ζ

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