SHS Expands Offerings in Career Pathways

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When students return to school next fall an exciting new program will be waiting for them. Suffield High School will be offering Career Pathways for the first time. The Pathways program is intended to attract students who are looking for a more hands-on approach to learning, coupled with the traditionally strong academic programs offered.

In the 2021-22 school year, incoming ninth graders will be allowed to apply for admission into one of two exciting Pathways; Manufacturing and Design or Education and Human Services. The Career and Technical Education teachers and administrative team have been busy preparing the pathways program.

We are excited to offer the two pathways for interested students. Our program is designed to bring out the best in our students by combining hands on skills, while helping students to make connections with interdisciplinary opportunities and apply their learning.

Family and Consumer Science teacher Kate McCluskey added, “We have been working towards this for the past several years and it is very exciting to see this come to fruition. Students in the Education and Human Services Pathway can earn six college credits as well as complete an internship in a variety of settings. This is a huge advantage when applying for college or working in a childcare environment.”

Materials & Design teacher Michael Sanchez remarks “The state of Connecticut makes the most sophisticated machines that go under the water and vehicles that fly horizontally and vertically. The state needs high skilled workers for these high wage manufacturing and engineering careers. The Manufacturing and Design pathway teaches problem solving, technical concepts, and transferable skills that can lead to these careers.”

The entire learning community is excited to bring Career Pathways to Suffield High School.

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