Road Projects Update

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Proposed 2021 Road Projects (Tentative) – Due to the pandemic, most 2020 Road Projects were not completed and have been moved into the upcoming 2021 Road Project schedule. Available funding includes $1.9 million through a bond authorization approved in December 2019. Bond funding is expected to extend through FY 21/22. The following is a preliminary list of roads that are tentatively identified for different types of improvements as indicated:

Crack Sealing (Approx. 14 miles) – Bridge St. (Dylan La. to East St.), Cassotta La., Catherine La., Cedar Crest La., Clay Creek Dr., Cold Spring La., Countryside La., Cowan St., Deer Run, Devine La., Edgewood Dr., Farmstead La., First St., Fourth St., Grassmere Pond La., Harbourside Dr., Highland Ridge Dr., LaFountain Rd., Lise Cir., Mapleton Ave. (Halladay Ave. to Thompsonville Rd.), Marbern Dr., Marketing Dr., Melrose La., Overhill Dr., Pleasant View Dr., Pleasant View Dr. Ext., Pondview La., Rawlins Brook Rd., Ridgewood Rd., River View Dr., Riverview Terrace, Royel Oak La., Second St., Shallow Brook Way, Silver Creek Dr., Stratton Farms Rd., Suffield Meadow Dr. (East St. to Suffield Meadow Dr. Ext.), Sunny View Dr., Sutula Rd., Third St., Valley View Dr., Wainscot La., Whitfield Way, Williams Cir., Windbrook Dr., Woodland Terrace, Woods Hollow Rd., Woodworth St.

Milling and Paving (Approx. 4 miles) – Andrew La., Cherry Brook La., Chestnut Cir., Chestnut Dr., Cross St., Diane La., Fox Meade, Hunter’s Crossing, Hydrangea La., Jacqueline Cir., Old Mountain Rd., Pembroke Dr., Rosewood Dr., Susan Dr., Sycamore La., Tyler La., Willow Creek and Wisteria La. ( Boston Neck Rd. to Tyler La.).  

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