350th Anniversary Merchandise

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Photo by Karen Dunai

We are looking forward to celebrating the 350th anniversary of the settlement of the Town of Suffield in October of this year, on the town’s 351st birthday. The 350th committee will be selling merchandise to commemorate the event all summer at the Suffield Farmers Market and at Cupola Hollow Farms. Specific items will also be on sale at the stores listed here:

• Stoneware mugs, hand made in Wisconsin, featuring the anniversary logo. Colors are brilliant blue, hunter green and mulberry blush. Mugs are available from Highland Park Market at their customer service desk.

• Historic maps from 1855 and 1869 showing house and farm locations in Suffield and West Suffield. On sale at Suffield Hardware.

Challenge Coins, created by the Suffield Ambulance Association, with the town seal on the front and the anniversary logo on the reverse. Also on sale at Suffield Hardware.

• Visions of Suffield Note Cards, featuring images captured by Lemmens Creative Design. Find them at The Feather & Bloom Marketplace, Moxi Boutique, and the Phelps-Hatheway House visitors center.

• Suffield Cookbook filled with recipes shared by your neighbors, coming in July to a farm stand near you.

• 2-Gallon Crocks honoring the Spencer Oak. Made in the USA, these are food grade crocks. Choose either Suffield or West Suffield. For September delivery email Suffield350@gmail.com.

• Kent Memorial Library Ornament offered for sale at the library circulation desk.

• Hilltop Farm Ornament

• Heart Suffield T-shirts

• 350th logo ball caps

Thank you for supporting our 350th anniversary celebration!

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