Better Than Ever

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This time last year we had a lot of things on our mind. We were wondering where we would find toilet paper, how to keep our glasses from fogging up while wearing face masks, and asking “did I just lose my sense of taste or is this food just bland?”

The year prior in July of 2019 the Kent Memorial Library just celebrated our grand re-opening of our library building at its home on 50 North Main and launched our Summer Reading Program, and we carried that momentum with us until the closure of our building in March of the following year.

This year, while we are not quite back to normal (yet), we are closer than ever before. July of 2021 will mark the return of in-person Summer Reading Programs for patrons of all ages! It also marks the re-opening of our Art Gallery, and we look forward to welcoming our artists, art appreciators and many more familiar faces into our space again as we rotate exhibits on a monthly basis. 

Did you know that prior to COVID-19, the library hosted over a dozen different group meetings every month? (Many of them were held in the very same Art Gallery!) From writing groups and parent-teacher organizations to various clubs and associations, the reservable space at the Kent Memorial Library was, at times, difficult to book. We know reservable space in town can be scarce at times, and now we hope to make that process easier for you.

This year, we are launching a new room reservation system, and you don’t even need a library card! Soon you’ll be able to look at our calendar and stake your claim on a timeslot without having to rely on speaking to someone (which is still an option). If we are unable to offer the space you are looking for, reach out to us anyway. We can help you find other reservable spaces in town for you to resume your in-person meetings once again.

Kent Memorial Library is not just looking to return to normal, we are looking to expand beyond what we offered before. KML is your library, and we want to hear from you! What can we do together now that our building is open again? What will we be doing this time next year? Seeing how much can change in that span of time, I think we can agree there’s tremendous potential!

Please continue to contact us by phone – 860-668-3896, email –, and through social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. For up-to-date information, please visit our website at

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