Editing at the Observer

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Photo by Beth Chafetz

Jaime Thompson, Girl Scout troop 10956 member and third grader at McAlister Intermediate School gets a chance to edit a few of the current Observer submissions. A budding writer is in the making.

On June 13, I went to The Suffield Observer. For the first little bit Beth Chafetz walked me through how the paper gets made. After that, I got to edit three different articles. In the first article, I didn’t catch any mistakes. Then, in the second article, there were some mistakes that other people had already caught, but there were no further mistakes in that one. When I finished that article, I read through one more, and caught two mistakes; for the first one Mrs. Chafetz even said that she wouldn’t have caught that one herself. 

I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for Emily Boone, my Girl Scout Troop leader, and Mrs. Chafetz even gave me the opportunity to write this article. Thank you to Mrs. Boone and Mrs. Chafetz for this awesome experience.

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