Second Baptist Church Adds a Turquoise Table

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Did you know that the Turquoise Table is a “thing”? I didn’t until I read The Turquoise Table by Kristin Schell during my COVID-19 lockdown. I immediately reached out to our Growth and Outreach ministry at Second Baptist Church and explained that I thought we really needed our own turquoise table.

The Turquoise Table is a symbol of hospitality and of a desire for connection between neighbors. It is a place to gather and spend intentional time getting to know those around you. What started with a turquoise picnic table in a suburban Texas front yard has become a movement with thousands of tables throughout the United States.

In her book, Schell recounts story after story of how moving her family’s outdoor table to the front yard has inspired deeper community connections. It has also been a way for her to share her faith in her neighborhood. From meeting for coffee, to impromptu conversations with neighbors as they walk their dogs or stroll by, these simple gestures (front yard gathering) have changed her neighborhood. It has inspired others to become front yard people as well.

Our intent is to extend this same hospitality through a turquoise table right in front of our church. The staff was excited to have a place to eat lunch outdoors during the summer months with the hope that some of our members and neighbors would also take advantage of this space to share stories, to share coffee or to just simply share the sunshine together. COVID-19 had made it impossible for us to gather. We decided to put the table out as a symbol of hope.

There is a copy of the book in the Kent Memorial Library, and maybe you can move your own patio furniture out front, cover your table with a turquoise tablecloth and live as #frontyardpeople. Perhaps it feels silly, but we do believe it can go a long way as we strive to make Suffield an even closer-knit community.

Even if it is only you at the turquoise table, may it serve as a reminder that you are not alone. Sit down, bring a book and read, rest, or eat lunch, write in journals or just sit and spend a few moments in prayer knowing that God is present at the table with you. It is a a place for renewal and reconnection.

So join us at our table! This is your invitation to meet your neighbors and experience a sense of community right on Suffield’s Main Street in front of Second Baptist Church.

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