SHS Joins Forces with Suffield Garden Club

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Photo by Karen Jason

Mr. Kyle McCollough’s Civics Class join forces with the Suffield Garden Club for their Community Project.

Since 1940, the Suffield Garden Club (SGC) has been planting dogwood trees along Main Street; there are currently 109 trees. For years the SGC was fortunate to have the town help spread the mulch, but due to budget cuts the SGC has had to include that in their responsibility of caring for the dogwood trees.

On May 1, Suffield High School students from Mr. Kyle McCullough’s Civics Class partnered with some of the members from the SGC to complete the students’ end-of-the-year community project. Students received instruction and learned important lessons in how to best maintain these trees for their continued healthy growth. The SGC is grateful for the students’ help.

Katelyn Beynor and Kaylyn Vita weed and create a perimeter in order to protect the tree from lawn mowers/weed whackers. Photo by Karen Jason

Each SGC member (Kathy Berube, Paula Gallo, Kathleen Horrigan, Susan Mayne and Connie Murray) teamed up with two to three students and started at the end of North Main Street, working towards South Main Street. Some of the work performed included clearing a perimeter around the tree for better water absorption, protection from lawn mowers/weed whackers, and mulching. The high school students participating on this day were Katie Beynor, Travis Boisvert, Andersen Burrows, Austin Dultz, Chris Hannoush, Ethan Khouri, Daniel Robb, Emma Sheldon and Kaylyn Vita.

Although each group completed a few trees, there are many more left to do. Boy Scout Troop 66 is planning a day in June to help out, but anyone interested in spending an hour or more to learn about skills transferrable to your own garden, and assisting the SGC in keeping these beautiful dogwood trees healthy and lining Main Street for many years to come, is encouraged to contact the Suffield Garden Club at

The help would be greatly appreciated. 

Austin Dultz and Chris Hannoush complete their end-of-the-year Community Project for their Civics Class. Photo by Karen Jason

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