Suffield to Plan for Housing Choices

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Over the next few months, a working group established by the Planning & Zoning Commission will be working to create an affordable housing plan for the community. Even though Suffield was recently recognized by the State for the number of affordable housing units that have been produced in town, additional work is being done to provide for a variety of housing choices in Suffield for people and households of all ages and characteristics.

The group working on the plan is comprised of representatives from different local boards, commissions and agencies involved in or concerned about housing needs in Suffield. The committee work will be coordinated with the update of the Plan of Conservation and Development being undertaken by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

This housing plan is required by the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS Section 8-30j) and each municipality in Connecticut is required to prepare such a plan by June 2022.

Addressing changing housing needs and promoting diverse housing opportunities are important for the Town of Suffield and its current and future residents. People’s housing needs and desires change over the course of their lives and providing for a diverse mix of housing helps ensure that people of all ages and characteristics will be able to find housing in Suffield to meet their needs.

Information generated as part of this work will be shared on the Town website. In the next month or so, it is anticipated there will be an on-line survey of Suffield residents to gain insight into housing issues affecting residents and possible strategy options for Suffield to consider. 

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