Summer Nature Programs at Hilltop Farm

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Again, this summer, children and families will have the opportunity to learn about nature. Children will spend time outdoors, discover the natural world, meet new friends, and have fun! Children, ages 4-12+, explore the wildlife at Hilltop through  STEM-based activities. Bugs, birds, trees, water and farming will be discovered.

For Ages 4-6

There are two programs.

Little Bugs – This is an introduction to nature in the outdoors with an adult and child.

‘Lil Chicks – Our instructor’s agricultural project is to raise chickens at the Farm, “in the backyard chickens”, to demonstrate the raising chickens and how eggs develop.

The Conservation Explorers is for ages 6-10

Explorers learn to identify plants and animals and their role in the environment. They will develop a stronger connection to the farm and the origin of their food. Each session offers different activities including chores around Hilltop.

The Hilltop Adventurist is for ages 10-12+

Hilltop Adventurists will explore a different aspect of how nature, wildflowers, composting and hay have been important influences on this former Suffield dairy farm.

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Opportunities are currently available for camp counselors.

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