Where in the World is the Observer?

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Kaylee Williams displays the Observer as he and his brother Benjamin stand at the rail of their canal boat on a trip down the Erie Canal. The bikes on deck and the fold-down awning will have to be cleared for the boat to pass under that bridge on the left.
At the camera charging station of the TV studio overlooking the courts at Wimbleton, England, Mandy Presser turns her back on the tournament for a picture of the Observer.
Art and Bev Sikes took the Observer along when their children sent them off to Tangier Island for their 50th wedding anniversary in June. They are pictured with a boatman at the dock of this small Virginia island near the mouth of Chesapeake Bay.
In mid-July, Betsy Blaisdell is pictured in Jackson, Wyoming, at the R Lazy S Ranch with Pirate and the Observer.
Jim and Suzy Irwin visited family in Lawrence, Kansas, recently and shared the Observer with the KU Jayhawk.

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