Scouts Explore a New York Cave

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Someone wise once said, do something uncomfortable every day. The Scouts of Troops 260 and 262 (our newest girls’ troop) rose to that occasion when they went spelunking at the Clarksville Cave in New York last month. Clarksville Cave is a non-commercial cave that requires experience to gain a permit to enter. The cave has consistent conditions with air temperatures in the low to mid-50s, 100% humidity, and water temperatures in the mid to upper 40s.

The Scouts climbed down the vertical entrance and moved from the Big Room, down the main corridors to the Pool Room. The scouts navigated the dark cavern through some pretty tight squeezes and waist to chest-deep water. Once at the pool, some scouts took a chilly swim in between pools and most took a plunge in the main pool.

Many Scouts also explored the southern cavern, where they were able to traverse the Slickenslide Block, a 24-inch-opening descent between two granite panels caused by tectonic shift. After getting through that menacing challenge, the Scouts were free to explore that end of the cave system, making their way to the Gregory Entrance, where they popped out for some fresh air before reentering for the trek back.

After this epic adventure, our scouts returned to their camp, which overlooked the valley of Albany, Schenectady and Troy. The city light views and stargazing were pretty spectacular, but the Scouts didn’t enjoy them long, as they were fast to sleep after their spelunking adventure.

In October, the scouts are looking forward to their next adventure, cycling and hiking in the 7,000 acres of trails within the Blue Hills Reservation. Troops 260 and 262 offer high adventure activities all year long, while teaching important life skills and responsibility.

Matt Tini braves the chilly waters of the Pool Room.
With headlamp glowing, one of the Scouts traverses a tight tunnel.

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