100 Years Ago in Suffield

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Selected from the pages of the Windsor Locks Journal and
lightly annotated by Wendy Taylor of Kent Memorial Library.

December 2
The Emergency Aid Association has started the sale of Red Cross Christmas seals in this town and packages of 100 seals have been mailed to every family in town with an explanatory letter. The money received for these stamps is used in combating tuberculosis. Eighty-five per cent of the money received for the sale of these stamps remains here in the town to be used by the Emergency Aid Association.

December 9
There was a large attendance at the chicken pie supper given by the ladies of the Sacred Heart church in the Suffield School gymnasium.

The enumeration of school children in this town has just been completed and the count shows 1,046 this year against 941 last year, an increase of 105.

December 16
As a result of seventeen liquor raids in this place last Friday afternoon, nine cases were brought before Justice Sikes…
The wife of one of the defendants who tried to dump a barrel of mash on the cellar floor and cover it with loose ashes, was charged with interfering with an officer and was assessed $11.77.

December 23
Mrs. Eva Kuchaetis, aged 82 years, widow of the late Frank Kuchaetis, died early Sunday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Annie Bidwell on Summer street in this place, on the William Graham place. She was born in Rusade, Lithuania, December 18, 1839. She had lived in this country about twenty years.

December 30
A three and one-half acre tobacco barn on Halliday avenue, belonging to Postmaster Edward Perkins, containing twenty-six acres of Havana seed tobacco raised on Mr. Perkins’ farm, belonging to Albert R. Ford, who rented the farm, were totally destroyed by fire… The loss is estimated to be $15,000 to $18,000. The origin of the fire is unknown… The fire truck quickly responded, but the fire had gained such headway that it was impossible to save the shed or its contents.

There have been several complaints from property owners of the cutting of evergreens and Christmas trees on land that is away from houses.

This morning was one of the coldest of the winter, the thermometer registering zero at 7 o’clock. The ice men report about six inches of ice on the ponds, and are ready to start cutting as soon as it reaches 10 inches in thickness.

January 6
It is getting so that people are expecting continuous performance of the speedy and jagged autoists at the town bridge near Brookside in Boston Neck…

January 13
The annual meeting of the Village of Suffield was held in Union hall…A motion that the chemical truck, owned and maintained by the village, be not allowed to go outside of the district caused considerable discussion and the motion was lost. It was unanimously voted, however, that the matter of the town purchasing the truck from the village be brought up at the annual town meeting and to also favor the purchase of a similar truck for West Suffield.

It was voted that all firemen who answer alarms for fires outside the village, be paid $2 for each fire and that the town be charged $10 for the use of the truck at each fire.

January 20
The annual meeting of the Suffield Masonic Club will be held at the club rooms Saturday evening at 8 o’clock…

January 27
The young men of Suffield will give a dance in the Town hall Saturday night, with dancing from 8 to 12. White’s orchestra will furnish the music.

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